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Whether expecting, a newborn, or 10 years old, parenting is a transformative experience worth writing about, and journaling a private message for your child is fun and fulfilling. Connect with your child by reflecting on your experience as a parent, and imagining your dreams for their future.

Lifechime is thoughtfully designed to help you authentically and articulately present yourself, and progresses with your comfort level to capture your essence in any medium - text, audio, or video.

Our Values

  • Thoughtful. Help parents express their love.
  • Empowering. This is for the adults of tomorrow.
  • Approachable. Use levity and compassion to make journaling an enjoyable habit.
  • Reliable. Many web services come and go, but we have a complete data integrity plan that honors you and your recipients regardless of whether we are around in 2050.



  • Reduce stress/anxiety for parents
  • Increase success outcomes for children
  • Improve family connectedness
  • Make for fun nostalgia in the future
  • Show your children who you were before they grew up
  • Invest in the best parenting lessons for when your child grows up: their own childhood
  • Emotional life insurance to make sure your child can grow to know you as an adult human being, not just a caregiving parent


  • Quality questions make it easy to articulate your thoughts
  • Designed to adapt to your unique family
  • Type your response, or record yourself or a loved one with audio or video
  • Do not open til: Set recipients, trustees, and delivery rules
  • View your published entries on the web
  • Share a special website link with family and friends
  • Stored on the cloud for safe-keeping, securely backed by Amazon S3 with transcoding to ensure access in the future
  • Have your videos transcribed so your children can search for what they need, when they need it


My mother died when I was 7 after three separate bouts of different cancers. As part of learning more about my personality and identity, I've sought to better understand my lineage. There's been a gap with my mom, and I've only gotten the slightest understanding by talking with those who knew her.  In 2013, I learned that my friend’s mom recorded tapes for each of her children, and how deeply he cherishes that gift. I wanted that, but I'll never have it. That poignant moment made me realize our culture can shift so that it is normal and expected for parents to create messages for their childrenSince then, I've been developing and clarifying this project. As a former Apple engineer, an app was the obvious solution. I started by focusing on seriously ill parents, but have realized this is something for all parents to do — that it's fun, not a chore. Cheers to Lifechime!

Yours in being
~ Josh Benjamin