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Our Values

  • Thoughtful. Help parents express their love.
  • Empowering. This is for the adults of tomorrow.
  • Approachable. Use levity and compassion to make reflection an enjoyable habit.
  • Reliable. Many services come and go, but that won't matter because we honor the integrity of your content and put it in your hands.


  • Reduce stress/anxiety for parents
  • Make big decisions with more clarity
  • Increase success outcomes for children
  • Deepen family connectedness
  • Create nostalgia to enjoy in the future
  • Show your children who you were before they grew up
  • Give your children a glimpse of what it was like to be a caregiver
  • Invest in the best parenting lessons for when your child grows up: their own childhood
  • Emotional life insurance to guarantee your child grows up knowing and remembering you



Lifechime came about as a mischievous solution to an idea I've been exploring for quite a while. The story of the idea begins with my mother's death when I was 7, after struggling with different cancers. Now, as part of learning more about my personality and identity, I've sought to better understand my lineage. There's been a gap with my mom, and I've only gotten the slightest understanding by talking with those who knew her.  Then I learned how my friend’s mother recorded tapes for each of her children, and how deeply he cherishes that gift. I wanted that, but I'll never have it. That poignant moment made me imagine a world where it's commonplace for children to grow up with access to timeless notes from their younger parentsSince then, I've been developing and clarifying projects to create that world. As a former Apple engineer, an app was the obvious solution. I started by focusing on seriously ill parents, but have realized this is something for all parents to do — that it's fun, not a chore. Cheers to Lifechime!

Yours in being
~ Josh Benjamin