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Marketing Director

Josh Benjamin


  • Be one of the first hires, responsible for owning multiple facets of brand and consumer marketing.
  • Be the company lead on Customer Acquisition
  • Own the website and work on SEO and eventually SEM
  • Understand customer needs through surveys, interviews, and product usage
  • Optimize campaigns via rigorous A/B testing
  • Develop creative ways to engage and retain our customers, from the day they sign up throughout their lifecycle
  • Work with external agency on PR and be responsible for PR efforts
  • Identify partnership opportunities and lead all aspects of deal execution, including prioritization of partners, strategic and financial assessment, transaction structuring and negotiation
  • Work on partnerships including, but not limited to, product integration partnerships with internet companies and distribution partnerships with B2C and B2B businesses in the New Parent space
  • Build partnerships with other companies that can help make Lifechime better for users


We’re looking for someone with:

  • MBA or other advanced studies in marketing
  • Demonstrated experience launching a new category, and educating customers why they need a new product
  • Experience negotiating and managing commercial relationships
  • Strong grasp of parenting as an experience and market
  • Experience building and managing a consumer brand
  • Experience working in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Expertise in developing business and investment cases, financial analysis and modeling, understanding of legal agreements
  • Familiarity with marketing automation and analytics tools
  • An analytical and data-driven mindset: you love data and can analyze a marketing funnel; you can identify and size different growth opportunities and the various ways to meet them
  • An eye for great design and an ear for great narratives

You may include these in your application:

  • A summary of why you’re interested in working on marketing at Lifechime.
  • Summary about some of the most challenging and/or creative partnerships you’ve worked on.
  • Identify a potential Lifechime partner. Create a presentation for this partner that gives them an understanding of the opportunity to work with Lifechime and a recommended business structure for our relationship. Separately, assess this partner from a strategic and financial perspective.


How to Apply

Email to melody@lifechime.com (subject: Hire me)